ISO name and logo

Use of ISO's name®

Within the context of international standardization or related activities (such as consultancy, training or conformity assessment including certification) "ISO" (or "iso") is the short name of the International Organization for Standardization. The name is registered within this context as the sole property of ISO and the Organization will protect its name on behalf of all ISO's members - the national standards institutes of some 150 countries. In particular, ISO will not authorize the use of the name "ISO" (or "iso") by any organization other than its members in Internet domain names, names of Web sites, trademarks, companies / organizations, products, etc. Such use could mislead third parties into believing that the domain name / Web site / trademark / company / organization / product concerned represents ISO, or has been approved or authorized to act on behalf of ISO or belongs to ISO.

Therefore, ISO will take whatever actions it considers necessary to prevent the misuse of its name.

In case of doubt, requests for guidance can be sent via the enquiry service.

Use of ISO's logo®

The ISO logo is a registered trademark. Unless authorized by ISO, use of its logo is prohibited. Notably, ISO will not allow its logo to be used in connection with conformity assessment activities. These include the certification of management systems, products, services, materials or personnel, even when these certifications attest conformity to an ISO standard, such as one of the ISO 9000 or ISO 14000 series. Examples of unacceptable use of the ISO logo would include use on products, in publications, on Internet sites, in marketing materials, advertisements and company letterheads.

Allowing the ISO logo to be used would give the false impression that ISO carries out certification activities, or has approved or authorized the organization using its logo. These activities are not business functions of ISO.

ISO is not an auditor, assessor, registrar, or certifier of management systems, products, services, materials or personnel, nor does ISO endorse any such activities performed by other parties. ISO develops International Standards but does not operate any schemes for assessing conformance with them.

Therefore, ISO will take whatever actions it considers necessary to prevent the misuse of its logo.

The enquiry service gives further guidance and a form for enquiries pertaining to use of ISO's logo.

Note: The question of what logos to use to promote certification is discussed elsewhere on ISO Online in How to publicize your ISO 9001:2000 or ISO 14001:2004 certification.

Cases of misuse of the short name "ISO" (or "iso") in domain names

It is being repeatedly brought to our attention that ever-greater numbers of companies or individuals either unintentionally or with a view to exploiting the ISO reputation carry out training, consultancy or certification activities using Internet domains which include the short name "ISO" (or "iso") in their names. Therefore, ISO declares that these companies or individuals are not affiliated with or sponsored by ISO, do not have any relationship whatsoever with ISO, and as such, are not authorized or approved to act on behalf of ISO, and are not entrusted by ISO to sell or deliver ISO products or services.

ISO takes action in cases of misuse of the ISO name. For example, ISO has contacted a number of the owners of such domain names requesting them to cease use of the domains containing "ISO" ("iso"). Most have agreed to do this. In some cases, owners have spontaneously contacted us concerning their domain names and have subsequently voluntarily agreed to cease the use of confusing domain names, e.g., Charter Business Solutions (,

When an owner has not complied with ISO's request, ISO has submitted its complaint to the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre. As a result, the following domain names have to date been transferred to ISo

For details please see the following Decisions in WIPO Cases:

D2008-1782 D2005-0984
D2008-1184 D2005-0903
D2007-1809 D2004-0376
D2007-1529 D2003-0739
D2007-0700 D2003-0565
D2006-1021 D2002-0460
D2005-1028 D2001-1194

ISO also reserves its right to take legal measures in cases of misuse of the ISO name.

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